After School Program

Welcome to the Freshwater After School Program!

Serving Grades TK-6th at Freshwater School


Our team is committed to providing top quality care and producing a program that is full of fun and engaging activities, encompassing learning and growth in all areas. Science, math, arts and crafts, games, sports and engineering will fill each student’s afternoons with fun! Healthy snacks, trips to our beloved school forest and garden, time for homework, staff-lead activities, organized sports/games and free time to play and socialize with friends will be a part of our afternoons as well. We’ve got it all covered!




If you are interested in utilizing our After Care Program this year, please be sure to complete this registration form. We will be in touch with confirmation.


Space is limited. We enroll on a first come first serve basis.




Hours of Operation: 


Office hours: 9 – 12:30

Student hours: 1:30 – 6pm *we always accept students at dismissal time (early release weeks at 12:30)



ASP Staff


Director – Audrey Hildebrand

Assistant Director – Katja Cragun-Rehders

Leader – Carina Ludwig

Leader – Maggie Demorest

Leader – Mason Rewerts

Leader – Jordan Nolan

Leader – Finn Clark 

Program Contact Information


Email the Director:

Call the Room: (707) 442 – 3703


We use BRIGHTWHEEL: a Registration/ Daily Check Out, Communication & Billing Platform


This program has amazing features that parents love! 


Registration & Daily Check Out: Parents/Guardians (caregivers, authorized pick-ups, etc) can download the app to their phone and be in direct contact with our team, plus utilize the digital sign-out for contactless and safe pick-ups – only people linked to your child will be able to access their sign out information. *Parents/Guardians are required to use this app for the purpose of checking out their child from our program daily. 


Communication: Our staff will be able to send and receive messages and send important alerts and reminders easily to your Brightwheel message inbox directly to your smartphone. Please plan to utilize Brightwheel for all ASP communications such as absences, – and don’t forget to turn on notifications!


Billing: Paperless billing linked directly to your bank account, and  the ability to set up auto-pay make this app convenient and easy to use. Invoice / statements sent out monthly – with easy tracking for tax purposes.

(Cash and check payments are still being accepted!)





Payments are due on the first of each month.

We will be accepting payments through Brightwheel’s online billing platform – where you can use a credit card or link your bank account (service fees apply) and even set up an optional auto-pay schedule. Easy-peasy – Take it right off your to-do list, parents!


In-person payments for cash, money order or cashier’s check will be accepted via the locked box located in the ASP classroom. *Please leave exact change in a sealed envelope (provided) and clearly label it with the parent / child’s name and date on the outside.


Check payments can also be made to the locked box in the ASP classroom. *Please make checks payable to: Freshwater School and include the child’s name and billing date in the memo portion of the check.


We are accommodating Subsidies from Changing Tides.


(If you have a different subsidy you’d like to use, or another 3rd party payment option you’d like to arrange please contact the Director for approval and set up.)


Please inquire with the Director if you are in need of financial assistance.





Our After School Program offers care to children from TK-6th Grade


Enrollment options include:


“K-Gap” Kindergarten Care   1:30-3pm Tuesday – Friday


“K All Day” Kindergarten Care 1:30 – 6pm Monday – Friday


“Full Week ASP” Grades 1-6 Full Time Care 2:45-6pm Monday – Friday


“Part Week ASP” Grades 1-6  3or4 Day Care 2:45-6pm *3 day minimum reqd. 


“Drop-In” Care provided on an as needed basis * (See drop-in policies)



Kindergarten Rates:


“K-Gap” Kindergarten Care   1:30-3pm Tuesday – Friday

*For parents of TK and K students needing care only until other grades are dismissed

*All children have early release on Mondays at 1:30

$7.50/day x 4 days a week = $30/week


“K All Day” Kindergarten Care 1:30 – 6pm Monday – Friday

*For parents needing all day every day care for their Kindergartener

$20/day x 5 days a week = $100/week



Grades 1 – 6 Rates:


“Full Week ASP” Grades 1-6 Full Time Care 2:45-6pm Monday – Friday

*For parents needing all day every day care for their student 

$15/day x 5 days a week =  $75/week 


“Part Week ASP” Grades 1-6  3or4 Day Care 2:45-6pm *3 day minimum reqd. 

*For parents wanting regular, secured care 3-4 days per week for their student

$15/day x 3 days a week = $45/week


$15/day x 4 days a week = $60/week



Drop-In Rates:


“Drop-In” Care provided on an as-needed basis for all students Grades TK-6

*For parents wanting to use ASP on an as-needed/irregular basis

*Pay for only the time you need, instead of the full-days & regular schedule enrollment option

*Advanced approval for attendance required, space is limited & not guaranteed to be available

$7/hr for individual students or $12/hr for 2 siblings or $15/hr for 3 siblings



FASP Drop-in Policies:


All students must be registered through Brightwheel (all personal information/primary and emergency contact information on file)  PRIOR to attending the program.

Drop-in time must be paid in ADVANCE. $70 balance due prior to attending – covers 10 hours of care to use as needed. *drop-in time does not expire and can be shared among siblings. *We will track your time used, and you will be notified when your account balance is low/out and needs replenishing.

Drop-in attendance must be APPROVED in ADVANCE (24hrs notice recommended). Space must be confirmed as available by the Director or other ASP staff prior to attending. *Send us a message via Brightwheel on days/dates needed and wait for a response. *Drop-in space is limited, not guaranteed, and given on a 1st-come-1st-served basis.





1 Sibling discount of 10%  = + $67.50/week  {Enrollment for 2 children = $142.50}

2 Sibling discount of 20% = + $60/week {Enrollment for 3 children = $202.50}


Low income families are encouraged to connect with Changing Tides or another subsidized care program to see if they qualify for financial assistance. 


Applications for Hardships – financial or otherwise – are available and will be processed and considered on an ongoing basis. Please communicate with the Director if you would like an application and/or to discuss options.



Program Requirements/Policies: 


*A child must be registered and accepted as “enrolled” prior to attending the After School Program.

* A payment method must be arranged (either through Brightwheel’s billing/auto-pay or planned cash or check payment) prior to the student’s first day in the program. 

*Payments will be due on the first day of each month.

*A late fee of $20 will be applied to bills not paid on time (after a 5 day grace period).

*Registration schedules will stay in effect throughout the school year, unless otherwise communicated in advance with the Director. – If you need to stop care at any point, please contact us as soon as possible – we require 30 days advance notice, and all outstanding amounts owed must be paid in full to change a registration status. 

*Students must be signed-out daily by a parent/guardian or authorized pick up person.

*Authorized pick-up persons must be listed as such on the child’s registration form, OR be pre-approved by a parent/guardian and must show proof of ID. 

*A late fee of $5 will be billed for any late pick- ups between 6pm and 6:05, with an additional $1/minute from 6:05 on. Please pick-up on time, our program closes at 6pm.

Please see our Behavior Policy (attached below) 

Behavior Policy

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